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Knuckle processing
We will introduce you to the steering knuckle machining process:
1. The steering knuckle is an important safety component of the automobile. The industry people all over the world pay attention to its safety characteristics. Fully understanding its safety characteristics plays a special role in the processing of the steering knuckle and should be controlled throughout the manufacturing process.
2. The knuckle classification, the split type is mainly used for passenger cars (cars), the integral type is mainly used for commercial vehicles (trucks); the integral type is divided into independent suspension knuckles and non-independent suspension knuckles. From the blank point of view, the integral forged blanks are products with relatively complicated technical coefficients. For the machining, the processing of non-independent suspension knuckles is typical. The main content explained below is the non-independent suspension knuckle. Specimens are analyzed to play a role in bypassing the class.
3. The processing of the steering knuckle is divided into blank manufacturing and finished machine addition. At present, the blanks are mainly forgings, but also for casting blanks, but less. The forging process of the blank is mainly composed of the process of frog, pulling rod, pre-forging and final forging. The general forging manual can refer to this typical process. There are many domestic rough manufacturers, which can be checked online.


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