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What is the application range of the steering knuckle?
What is the scope of application of the steering knuckle? Let us introduce you:
The steering knuckle is widely used in automobiles. In an engine front rear wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle, the cross-shaft knuckle is commonly used due to the deformation of the elastic suspension, the relative position of the transmission or the transfer shaft of the transmission and the input shaft of the transaxle often changing. In the steering axle, the angle between the inner and outer axles varies with the driving needs, and a constant speed steering shaft is often used. When the rear drive axle is an independent suspension, a steering knuckle must also be used.
Whether the steering knuckle has obvious elasticity in the direction of twisting can be divided into a rigid steering knuckle and a flexible steering knuckle. The rigid steering knuckle transmits power through the hinged connection of the parts. It can be divided into non-equal speed knuckles (such as cross shaft type) and quasi-constant speed knuckles (such as double joint, bump type, three pin type, etc.). Constant speed steering knuckles (such as ball forks, ball cages, etc.). The flexible knuckle is powered by elastic parts and has a damping effect.


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